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Terms & Conditions

Please note that unless you agree to these terms, I will not respond to your commission request. Read carefully!

- I do NOT take written descriptions in place of actual references. This goes for all types of commissions except for Custom Character Designs.
- I can refuse to complete or cancel a commission at any time for any reason I see fit. If I fail to complete your commission after payment has been sent, in most cases you will be refunded in full.
- Any art commissioned from me is only allowed to be used for personal works. Using my artwork commercially is not allowed unless we have previously discussed it.
- As of now (Jan-Feb 2016) I do not take commissions featuring humans, humanoid animals (primates for example), or highly suggestive/sexual material. Do not contact me with requests featuring these.
- I will not draw cartoon-fandom characters or fanart. This includes, but is not limited to: My Little Pony (all generations), Sonic the Hedgehog, Steven Universe (gemsonas), etc.
- When starting your commission, you will be sent 2 sketches. A pre-sketch and a sketch with any changes you've asked for added to it. After this I will be expecting 50% of the total payment. If you would like any changes made after the 2nd sketch is done an additional 20% of the total payment price will be added. Once finished with the commission, I will be expecting the remaining 50% of the payment to be sent after you have been emailed the final image. Failure to do this within 48 hours (barring any emergencies or unexpected circumstances) will result in a permanent blacklisting.

TOS Last Updated - Jan 27 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact me with a question or concern, please check here to see if your question has been answered already. Thank you!

Q: What can you draw?
A: My artistic skills mostly lie in animalia. I am also proficient at fantasy animals such as dragons, gryphons, and various other species (including closed ones!)
Q: Can you draw me something for free? It'll give you great exposure!
A: Nope. Never. Sorry.
Q: Your Prices are too high! Why not make them cheaper?
A: Art is a luxury good. If you can't afford it and have to resort to asking me to lower my prices, then you aren't from my target demographic in the first place.
Q: My commission is taking too long for you to post! How much longer do I have to wait until it gets done?
A: If your commission is taking longer than expected for me to finish, I will usually email you with the reason why, and include a new estimated finish-by date. If this does not happen then I have either forgotten it or something happened to me (hopefully it's the former). Please send me a polite email to remind me in either case, and I will get right on it as soon as possible. Rude emails will be responded to with a placement on my commissioner blacklist and a partial (25%) refund.
Q: What is your Terms & Conditions agreement code?
A: "Chocolocomotive" - Thanks for reading!

FAQ Last Updated - Jan 27 2016